Fashion Trends for the Hybrid Employee

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Shopping

The pandemic changed things permanently, from how we interact with others to schooling and how we work. During the height of the pandemic, most businesses went remote. Now, operations are going back to normal; many businesses are welcoming employees back to the office and adopting a hybrid model.

Comfortable clothing was the order of the day when people worked from home, and they will like to retain that. However, work from home clothing is not appropriate for the workplace and vice versa. For hybrid employees, this creates a problem: which clothing items are suitable for working from home and at the office?

In this guide, we will list the popular fashion items that help employees enjoy the best of both worlds.

Slip-on sandals

In the pre-pandemic workplace, everybody wore shoes. However, since remote working has made many of us accustomed to wearing flip-flops and other comfortable footwear, many people do not want to go back to wearing tight shoes.

And that’s where sandals come in: they are more comfortable than shoes. At the same time, they are appropriate for the office environment.


Another fashion trend for hybrid employees is stretchy trousers with elastic waistbands. Unlike the traditional tailored pants, stretchy trousers are less restrictive; hence, they allow more movement. This makes them more comfortable and suitable for hybrid employees. It also makes them suitable for workers who are returning to the office full-time but want relaxed clothing.

Button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are another fashion style making the rounds in the post-pandemic workplace. This is because they are a perfect blend of casual and smart, which makes them appropriate for working at the office and home. Not to mention, they are more comfortable than the traditional button-up shirt.


Yes, tailored suits are smart and stunning; but, they are far from the most comfortable clothing items. The hybrid alternative to this pre-pandemic work clothing is the blazer. It combines the best of both worlds: the smart office looks and the comfortable, relaxed working from home atmosphere.

What’s more? Blazers are more flexible. As a result, they offer an opportunity for you to be creative and showcase your fashion style in a way that tailored suits don’t.

Palazzo pants

You can wear Palazzo pants anywhere. If you’re going to the office, you can pair them with a button-up shirt. And if you’re working from home, you can pair them with a t-shirt. Not to mention, their high-waist, wide-leg look makes them super comfortable and easy to move in.

Because of these factors, they are fast becoming a trend among women, whether they are hybrid employees or otherwise.


Jumpsuits hardly need an introduction – they are a staple of most women’s wardrobes. However, in the post-pandemic workplace, they have become more popular.

While jumpsuits are comfortable and convenient, since they need little maintenance, they are also suitable for use in a formal setting. Although this is not new, it is fast becoming a trend in a world where people place a high priority on being comfortable in the workplace.